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Competitiveness Need Assessment (CNA) of Footwear Sector

PLCIP has successfully completed the Competitiveness Need Assessment (CNA) of Footwear Sector of Pakistan. The activity was led by Mr. Michal Spacek – International Footwear Expert from International Shoes Competitiveness Centre, Germany with assistance from local project team. For the purpose of CNA, Mr. Spacek undertook walk through audits of the footwear sector clustered in and around Lahore and Sialkot for the purpose of understanding the needs of footwear sector and to identify the interventions most suitable for the footwear sector. A detailed questionnaire was developed for the CNA, and was circulated to the sample firms prior to the visit. CNA was based on extensive secondary data research, primary survey of representative sample, walk through audit and Presentation of the findings to Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association. The intervention areas identified includes Training for workers related to productivity improvement, and women participation in the workforce particularly in the stitching department, Training for middle and senior management on shop floor management, sourcing of raw material and components, quality, compliance on international standards, costing, etc, Shop floor implementations for increasing production, efficiency and output, reducing work in progress and wastages, lead time reduction, quality improvements and taking selected companies to international exhibitions and organizing meetings with leading potential brands among others. Implementation of the identified interventions is under progress at PLCIP partner footwear firms.

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