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One Pair Zigzag Line induction at Servis Gujrat

Service Industries Ltd is largest footwear manufacturer in Pakistan with more than 4,000 employees. Servis exports its products primarily to Germany, Italy, France and the UK and has annual revenue around Rs. 4.5 billion. Servis registered itself as partner organization under PLCIP and was first to implement One Pair Zigzag Line suggested by International Footwear Expert, Mr. Michal Spacek. The purpose of the introduction of this new system was to Improve productivity, improve line balance efficiency, reduce number of motions, reduce work in process (WIP), reduce material handling, reduce number of workers and reduce lead Time. For that purpose, a standard product of Servis was selected and its detailed technical analysis was undertaken at ISC. Extensive data collection was done for existing line producing the selected product. Based on the collected data, production time, worker productivity, WIP, lead time and line balancing efficiency was calculated. An initial layout for one pair zigzag line was proposed and necessary arrangement of material, machine and manpower were made. The proposed one-pair zigzag system was run under the supervision of Mr. Michal Spacek and its fine tuning was undertaken. The line has resulted in 27% labour productivity improvement, 98% lead time reduction, and 96% work in process reduction. The overall line balancing efficiency was 88%. Servis and rework was reduced under 3%. The success of One Pair Zigzag line was result of firm commitment from Servis administration toward continuous improvement process. Currently Servis administration is in process of replicating the same system in their other production lines. PLCIP team is implementing the same system at other partner footwear firms including Shafi Private Limited, EPCT Footwear Private Limited and Deluxe Footwear Private Limited.

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