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Training for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers on Caustic Recovery

Lahore: February 2, 2011

As part of the transfer of technology to local vendor of caustic recovery plants, Representative samples were collected from the local textile mills and local technology vendors offering caustic recovery plants were visited to assess existing level of knowledge. Ttz performed tests on the sample and proposed solution based on membrance technology. The results of the tests were shared with the local technology vendors in the form of webinar in which 7 vendors and 3 educational institutions participated. The participants were training on membrance technology for caustic recovery and proposed design for such system. Contents of training included the following:

Basics of Membrane Filtration:
  • How do membranes work in principle
  • Important process parameters
  • Fields of implementation
  • How to select the right membrane process for a separation problem?
  • Separation residues and what to do with them
  • General approach in order to design a membrane plant
Membrane Filtration for Colour Removal:
  • First steps in finding the optimal membrane
  • Required tests and required data
  • Lay-out of the membrane process
  • Looking forward to have you with us!

Results of Colour removal Test Sample of Caustic Soda waste liquor obtained from Mercerisation Process in Denim Manufacturing Unit in Karachi.

Tutorial: Designing a membrane filtration plant for colour removal from caustic soda waste liquor Later local vendors were assisted to develop business to business linkage with European Suppliers of membranes to develop the technology locally.

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