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Workshop on Leather Export Promotion Council

Mr. Amaury Hoste, Head of Section, along with Miss Roshan Ara , Development Advisor, EU Delegation to Pakistan has visited Pakistan from 25th -28th of April to oversee ongoing activities of Pakistan Leather Competitiveness Improvement Program PLCIP under European Union’s Trade Related Technical Assistance Programme. The EU funded Programme PLCIP is working to improve the overall value chain in the leather sector of Pakistan.

The EU delegation has visited PITCO office in Lahore, BDS/VET institute in Karachi and Sialkot, leather footwear, garments and gloves industries in Karachi, Sheikhupura and Sialkot.

In Karachi, EU delegation along with PLCIP team has visited National Institute of Leather Technology, Leather garments firms which include Hafiz leather Pvt Ltd and Noor Leather Pvt Ltd. On the production floor of Hafiz and Noor, EU team visited the model lines of productivity developed by PLCIP.

In Shiekhupura, EU delegation along with PLCIP team has visited the Shafi Pvt Ltd where “Training of operators on stitching machines” was going on under the supervision of PLCIP engaged International footwear expert Ms.Marta Wielder.

EU representatives participated in the MoU singing ceremony between PLCIP and Leather Product Development Institute at Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PGMEA) Sialkot. EUD representatives interacted with PGMEA to gather information about the project activities

At Sialkot, EU delegation along with PLCIP team has visited Leather Products Development Institute (LPDI), Leather garments firms SOS Pvt Ltd and leather gloves firm which include Nizam Son’s Pvt Ltd. EU delegation met with the company owners/beneficiaries and visited the production floor to witness the on-going activities done or being done by PLCIP. EUD representatives also held meeting with representatives of Pakistan Leather Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PLGMEA) and gathered their feedback about the project. EU delegation briefly visited PLCIP camp office in Sialkot as well.

All beneficiaries appreciated the PLCIP efforts for the leather sector and ask for the continual support in future.

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