Iqbal Hamid Trust

Cleaner Production Session

Cleaner Production TOT was arranged by PITCO Pvt. Ltd under TRTA III PLCIP at Pakistan Tanners Association Dingarh. This training program carried out from 25th to 26th of January, 2016.

Mr. Patrick Zerhusen was the facilitator who is an international Leather expert, with more than 38 years of experience in beam house , wet blue production, waste water treatment plant and chrome recycling.

Mr. Patrick Zerhusen, explained the state of the art tanning processes which not only help in cleaner production but will also help in the production of chrome free leather. He also discussed about the regulations of REACH and pollution limits for discharge of effluents into water bodies and sewers. Furthermore he also guided the participants about the processing of waste water treatment and emphasis was on different ways using which the generation of Chrome-VI can be eliminated. Owners and top management personnel from different tanneries attended the training sessions.

The participants were very pleased and satisfied with their capacity building through ToT, and they also appreciated the PLCIP for its efforts to arrange such training program.

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