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HP Boiler Manufacturing Training to Technology Provider Fabcon Design & Engineering, Lahore – Phase III

Three weeks local Boiler Manufacturers Capacity building training in Fabcon Design & Engineering, Lahore has been completed on 3rd February, 2016. The training was conducted in three phases: First phase was from 16th to 20th March, 2015, Second phase was from 13th to 17th April, 2015 and Third phase was from 26th to 30th January, 2016. All these phases were conducted by Mr. Frans Baltussen (International Boiler Expert) in Fabcon Design & Engineering, Lahore. In all phases of training, engineering staff of Fabcon, Lahore, were trained regarding Designing of HP Boilers, Installation and Commissioning of HP Boilers through presentations, field visit and KED (Software for Boiler designing). The participants were very pleased and satisfied with their capacity building through these training sessions.

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