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Training of Operators on Shoe Upper Stitching

In continuation of the Footwear Stitching Training of Trainers (ToT) under PLCIP at Government Institute of Leather Technology, Gujranwala (GILT) that lasted from 23rd of November to 11th of December, 2015, PLCIP engaged the international footwear stitching training expert Ms. Marta Wieder, master trainer of GILT TOT, for the implementation of Shoe Stitching Training at shop floor under the supervision of master trainers.

One vocational institute i.e. Leather products development Institute (LPDI) and two industries i.e. Shafi Pvt Ltd & Servis Industries Ltd. were selected for the implementation of stitching training.

The training lasted for 10 weeks in each selected industries from March 21, 2016 till June 02, 2016. The instructors, trained in ToT at GILT, were the lead instructors for the implementation of stitching training in their respective institute/industries.

In training sessions 10 operators in each industry/Institute were taught shoe upper stitching by the instructor under the supervision of PLCIP Team and International expert Ms. Marta. The training includes specific modules and exercises on machine control, machine servicing, guiding and machine control, stitching exercises and operator training after which they were able to achieve good quality and speed by the end of training. In the final stage of training, the operators were inducted in the production line for stitching of different uppers where their performance was monitored and compared with experienced stitchers.

Management and Instructors were very satisfied with the process of training as it contains step by step guidance for new operators, and they were hoping to sustain and carry forward this training procedure in the future to fulfill their requirement of stitchers.

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